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Traditional Turkish Folktales for Children, 1993

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  • Yazar: Ahmed Edip UYSAL
  • Basım Yılı: 1993
  • Basım Yeri: Ankara
  • Cilt / Dizi / Sayı:
  • Dil : İngilizce
  • ISBN : 9751605547
  • Barkod : 9751605547
  • Fiziksel Özellikleri : 23,5x16x1 cm

  • Ürün Barkodu

Ifrit, His Uncle and the Ağa
Deli Mehmet, His Mermaid Wife, and the Envious Padishah
The Wan Who Unknovvingly Married a Witch
Mitijik and the Witch Woman
Hodja in Heaven
Nasreddin Hodja Does What a Human Being Should
Why the Hodja`s Creditor Laughed
The Peasant and the Minaret Seeds
The Step Daughter Who Married the Dervish
The City of Clever Men
Two Misers
Are You on My Side or the Bear`s
Nasreddin Hodja Winnows the Wheat
Do Not Do Anything VVithout Considering Its End
Revenge Against the Köse
The Three Suitors and Their Magic Gifts
Ali Merdan Bey Killer of Forty Souls
Solomon and the Vulture
The Widowed Fox and Her Fierce Husband
Finger Child
A Hunting Tale
The Ramazan Dede
it Is Ali in Knovving How
A Donkey Transformed
The Nightingale`s Voice
The Donkey Who VVanted Horns
The Clever Judge
The Fox and the Sguirrels
Jackals and Dogs
The Cat and the Tiger
The Old VVolf`s Dinner
The Cat and the Rabbit
The Lions`s Den
The Pigeon, the Fox, and the Peacock
The Rabbit and the Wolf
The Crow and the Snake
The Black Sheep and Ahmet Ağa`s Daughter
Adık and Bıdık
The Beautiful Girl Whose Wish Was Not Fulfilled
A Thief Detected in the Dreams of Three Friends from Horasan
How a Poor Garbage Collector Became Padishah
The Stonecutter
The Two Girils in the Locked Chest
The Wolf and the Dog
The Lamb and the Wolf
Nasreddin Hodja and the Third Shot
The Mosguito and the Water Buffalo
The Hodja Solves a Problem
The Hodja and the Candle
The Hodja as Tamerlane`s Tax Collector
VVatermelons, VValnuts and the VVisdom Of Allah
Shoes For a Journey
Eat, My Fine Coat
Nasreddin Hodja Minds the Door
How Seven Men Descended a Cliff
How To Measure a Minaret
The Kadı And the Forty VVitnesses
Nasreddin Hodja and Tamerlane
A Legend Of Yunus Emre and His Teacher, Emrem Sultan
My Return From the Turko-Greek War
A Thief`s Single Virtue is Revvarded